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Brillante e inmersivo proyector 3D Home Cinema
  • Nativo WXGA, 60” de imagen en tán solo 68 cm
  • Imágenes y colores brillantes – 3400 ANSI Lúmenes
  • Imágenes nítidas y cristalinas- Contraste de 20,000:1
  • Full 3D
Disfrute de películas y juegos brillantes con el proyector GT760 HD Ready 3D.

Prepárate para los juegos de tamaño real en 3D, películas y deportes! Ideal para el uso con los últimos reproductores de HD y consolas. El brillante GT760 ofrece enormes y envolventes entornos en 2D y 3D más grande que cualquier TV en el salón de su casa a tan solo 1m de la pared.

Utilizando la última tecnología DLP el GT760 muestra imágenes brillantes y coloridas con luz excepcional y un detalle que sólo es posible con un alto contraste en el proyector. La incorporación de un altavoz, hace que sea muy cómodo escuchar sus películas sin la molestia de conectar altavoces externos. Todo esto en un tamaño tan compacto, significa que el GT760 es también su compañero ideal para compartir esta experiencia alucinante con todo el mundo, en cualquier lugar en cualquier momento!

Short Throw Projection

Project impressive larger than 80” diagonal image from less than 1m from the screen. Allowing you to place the projector closer to the wall, this reduces shadows and lets you play fully immersive games with ease.

Normal projector

Full 3D

Using the inherent speed of DLP technology, The Optoma GT760 Full 3D projector can display true 3D content form almost any 3D display device, including 3D Blu-ray, PS3, Xbox and Sky3D.

Not only do new titles for Playstation®3 Move and Xbox 360 Kinect often support motion-control, but many are in 3D too! Imagine being able to control your avatar not only using “Kinect” or PS3™ Move but in stunning 3D as well. Well now you can enjoy this incredible 3D motion-controlled experience, for the closest thing to your very own virtual reality suite.

DLP® Technology – The greatest 3D home cinema experience!

Unlike competing technologies, DLP® from Texas instrument uses millions of tiny mirrors to maximise the available light output, while the inherent speed & high ANSI contrast work in perfect harmony; eliminating crosstalk, to create the most vivid & compelling 3D experience available anywhere.

3D Movies
Now that all the latest 3D movies have arrived on Blu-ray 3D™ you can enjoy the same jaw-dropping 3D cinema experience at home, now in fantastic High definition.
3D Gaming
Set your sights on the GT760 for the greatest 3D gaming experience. With an impeccable response time you can line-up the perfect shot while sniper-rounds whizz past you; watch burning ships zoom off into the distance; dodge axewielding zombies lurching out of the screen – the possibilities are endless. Combine this with active-motion gaming for the closest thing to your very own virtual reality suite.
3D Sports
Couldn’t get tickets for the big match? - The GT760 brings the big picture home like never before. With more matches broadcast in 3D every season, you’ll never miss the great moments in sporting history and you can re-live them time after time as though you were actually there.

Lights on Entertainment

The GT760 produces fantastic images even when the lights are on. Designed to be used in the same way as your conventional TV, the high brightness GT760 can be used for television and film watching or playing the latest motion-controlled games without even dimming the lights.

GT760 with the lights on
Traditional Home Entertainment projector with the lights on

Dynamic Mode

Dynamic black smoothly adjusts the lamp output automatically, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning 20,000:1 contrast ratio. Bright scenes are crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks which gives exceptional light and shade detail.

Built-in Audio

Complete your home cinema experience with the on-board speaker. You can even hook it up to external speaker for that ultimate sound

Quick Resume

Save time by not waiting for the projector to cool down before it can power up again. If the projector is accidentally turned off, this feature allows the projector to be instantly powered on again, if selected within a period of 100 seconds.

Instant On (within 100s)

Amazing Colours

The GT760 incorporates BrilliantColor™ multi-colour processing technology to bring stunning, vibrant colour to your screen. You can even fine tune colours for ultimate precision.

Colour Guarantee

We are so confident that the GT760 image colour quality will remain as good as the day you bought it that Optoma will guarantee it for five years.

1El brillo de los proyectores basados en lámpara y el tiempo de vida puede depender dependiendo del modo de proyección seleccionado , el entorno donde está instalado el proyector y el uso . Como es común en todos los proyectores basados en lámpara , el brillo puede decaer durante el tiempo de vida útil de la lámpara. Los proyectores basados en tecnología LED no tienen una lámpara reemplazable y el brillo no decae significativamente durante la vida útil del producto.

2La vida típica de lámpara se consigue a través de diferentes test. Esta puede variar dependiendo del uso y de las condiciones ambientales del entorno.

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